Trinity Fundraising Events

Two fundraising events will be sponsored by the church which will go toward the general fund.

Family Movie Night: There will be a Family Movie Night on Saturday, July 29. Doors open at 5:30 pm and the movie will begin at 6 pm. We will be showing a Disney movie. The movie is free and refreshments will be available for sale. Our first movie last month raised over $90 so be sure to bring the family and watch a delightful movie.

New York Pizza Fundraiser: TUMC is partnering with New York Pizza, 2400 S. Jones Blvd., for a very special fundraiser on Sunday, July 30, from noon to 7 pm.  A portion of the proceeds from sales the event will go to benefit the church’s general fund. Please, show a copy of the event flyer at time of purchase. Consider going over to the restaurant at Jones and Sahara Ave. after the church service and enjoying lunch with your church family. Or drop by later in the day. 



Ann Jarrell represented the church as lay delegate at the Desert Southwest Conference’s Annual Conference in Glendale, Ariz.., in June.
The following is her her experience at the conference:

“Changes are coming to the United Methodist Church. Members from outside the United States who attended the General conference in Portland, Ore.,, earlier this year were trained in using Galaxy 4 tablets. The 2020 General Conference in St. Louis, Mo., will see an even stronger emphasis on technology. The 2024 General Conference will be in Manila, Philippines. The 2028 General Conference will be in Harare, Zimbabwe.  These conferences will have fewer delegates from the United States, as the Methodist Church moves toward being a global church.

“In 2019, the Desert Southwest Annual Conference will move to Mesa, Ariz. Over the last three years, the Desert Southwest Conference has adopted electronic versions of all documents. Very little was provided in paper.

“Rev. Dan Morley will continue to serve as District Superintendent of the North District. His role has expanded to serving as the Missional Strategist. The North District will have several new Pastors.  The one most needing our support may be the new pastor at Zion United Methodist Church.  The Desert Southwest Annual Conference adopted a new vision statement:

“Zion UMC was much on our minds at the conference. (Fire destroyed the church’s Sanctuary on June 6) Worship at the conference used blended musical styles, with soloists and small groups of singers. Traditional hymns comprised less than half of the music and were generally sung in a faster tempo. Volume was up so that the music filled the space. Lots of bass and percussion.

“Everything we sang or said in worship was posted on screen. None of these had any background and the words had no animation.  All of this made using the on-screen images less distracting.

“I voted on all actions and resolutions presented for my consideration, as well as the five proposed amendments to the Constitution of the United Methodist Church. Most actions and resolutions passed. Results of the vote on amendments to the Constitution will be available after all conferences across the United Methodist Church have voted. Discussion of some amendments was contentious.

“For the second year, I served as a recorder during the Holy Huddles. These sessions, held over the course of the conference, provided a way for attendees to talk about how local churches might embrace the new vision for the Desert Southwest Conference. The pastor (Rev. Smith) plans for Trinity to also gather in similar Holy Huddles to explore what the vision means for our congregation.  

“Conferences are often a time to meet someone new.  I had breakfast at Starbucks in the hotel one morning with a really nice guy wearing jeans, a ball cap, and a Texas Longhorns T-shirt. He introduced himself as Bob Schnase and said he was working on a talk he was going to give. We just chit chatted. Much later I learned that he was our Saturday Learning Session presenter and as I double checked the spelling of his name to write this report, I discovered that he is one of eight bishops on the Commission on a Way Forward.  But he’s really just a nice guy wearing a Texas Longhorns T-Shirt and he has no idea what my opinions are on the challenges facing the United Methodist Church.

“I ate several times with Marilyn Hawley, a lay delegate from Wilcox, Ariz., UMC. Her church is very small, but experiences many of the same concerns that Trinity does with homeless or otherwise struggling persons.  We laughed a lot. 

“The Desert Southwest Conference Task Force on Earth Care hosted a table at the Ministry Fair. I’m a member of that Task Force and I met the other members while helping to host the table. I put together a poster display about the Zion Choice Neighborhood Community Garden Park at Zion United Methodist Church.  I help teach gardening classes at their new community garden. 

“I spoke with (former Trinity UMC) Pastor Mark Lansberry and Pastor Dennis Hutson, who both retired this year. I also watched as Susan Holden was ordained as an Elder in full connection with her husband Joe at her side.

“At Sue’s ordination, I promised myself that Trinity would have a delegation on hand for Pastor Khalif’s ordination in June 2018. If you’d like to read an executive summary of the annual conference, you can find it here:

“If you want to read all the details, you can find the draft Daily Proceedings here:
“The United Methodist Church suggests that the lay delegate attend four annual conferences and then step aside so that someone new can attend.  It takes that long to understand why you should read all the preliminary reports ahead of time and pay close attention to all the email newsletters that come from the district superintendent and from the annual conference.  It’s essential that you understand Robert’s Rules of Order and it’s now critical that you be comfortable using electronic devices. The conference is a great blend of administrative work, good meals, wonderful worship, and the chance to think ahead.  


“I’ve enjoyed representing you.”